NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)


Completed Projects :

Modeling and Simulation of Control actuation system

The project titled “Modeling, Simulation of Control Actuation systems (Ref. No: ERIP/ER/1204690/M/01/1506 dated 30 Dec 2013)” was completed and approved on all levels. A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) was employed in control actuation system for the better performance in missiles. The control actuation system with fuzzy logic motion controller has been carried out in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment. The simulation results confirmed the validity and superiority of the fuzzy logic controller when compared with conventional controller. The fuzzy logic PID controller of control actuation system has significant feature, especially the rise time of controller is 58 mill sec when comparing with the conventional controller which is having 120 mill-secs of rise time. The response of fuzzy PID controller for control actuation system is smooth and error of percentage is 0.01% which are far better than conventional PID controllers. Modeling of Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor and Drive circuit: Based on Faulhaber motor parameters, modeling of motor and driver was carried in three different methods (Transfer function, State Space and Sim-Power system motor) and effectiveness of the model was established by performance prediction over a wide range of operating conditions. Modeling of Encoder: Encoding and Decoding mechanism developed under this project was to obtain position information of BLDC motor from incremental encoders.

Ongoing Projects :

An Integrated system for Harnessing Maximum Sustainable Energy Sources for a Domestic Load

Renewable energy sources have become a popular alternative electrical energy source where power generation in conventional ways is not practical. In the last few years the photovoltaic and wind power generation have been increased significantly. In this study, we proposed a hybrid energy system which combines both solar panel and wind turbine generator as an alternative for conventional source of electrical energy. A simple control technique which is also cost effective has been proposed to track the operating point at which maximum power can be coerced from the PV system and wind turbine generator system under continuously changing environmental conditions. The entire hybrid system is described given along with comprehensive simulation results that discover the feasibility of the system. A software simulation model is developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK. To verify hardware a bidirectional converter, a single stage inverter with grid synchronizing panel is proposed to deliver continuous and reliable power supply to grid user.

dspace controller for four quadrant operation of BLDC Motor
Digital Optic Warp & Weft Stop Motion and Weft Counter for Power Looms