NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

VERVE – A Interdepartmental Technical Symposium conducted by Department of Information Technology as part of knowledge transfer and student activities. This years Verve was conducted on 07.11.2023 and 08.11.2023 first day of verve (07.11.2023) had various technical events Paper Presentation, Break the Barriers where participants tasked with linux to solve interesting puzzles, Fame the game a technical quiz with various interesting topics in recent technologies and various non-technical events like cut the best, short film, Adzap.

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Verve-a-thon – An Interdepartmental Hackathon on second day of verve (08.11.2023) where participants build innovative solutions for given problem statements in domains – GenAI, FSD&Cyberprivacy, Data Analytics.

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