Information Technology

Information Technology - Research

Center for Research and Development of FOSS

Centre for Web Services and Development

The department is a recognized research center of Anna University for guiding Ph.D scholars.


S.NO Research  Area Name of the Faculty
1 Data Mining and Big data analytics Dr. J.Akilandeswari
Dr. V. Mohanraj
Dr. Jeba Emilyn
Mr. U.K.Balajisaravanan
Mr. M.Venkatesh
Mr. P. Jayaprakash
2 Networking and Network Security Dr. Y. Suresh
Dr. P. Shanmugaraja
C.Suresh Kumar
Ms. I. Janani
3 Cloud Computing Mr.M.Murali
Ms. Lydia D.Isaac
4 Wireless sensor Networks and
Mobile Adhoc networks
Dr. J. Senthil Kumar
Ms. J. Deepika
5 Computational Theory Mr. J.L. Aldo Stalin
6 Image Processing and Multimedia Communication Mr.P.Iyyanar
Ms. M. Amutha
Ms. G. Aarthy
Mr. S. Lakshmanan
7 Digital Communication Dr.P.Ilanchezhian
8 Free Open Source Software S.David Samuel Azariya



YEAR PROJECT TITLE Client name/sponsoring agency Staff in charge STATUS
2009-10 Predictive Analysis of Clinical Databases (RPS) AICTE Dr.J.Akilandeswari Completed
2011-12 PICO Satellite IEI Dr.J.Akilandeswari
2016-2017 ICT Interventions to promote entrepreneurship development of women in the Salem district, tamilnadu through rural agricultural support centers Agri BPO-DST Dr.J.Akilandeswari Ongoing
2015-2016 Textile fabric defect detection using intelligent image analytics FIST Program-DST Dr.J.Akilandeswari Ongoing
2014-2015 Setting up FOSS lab Vee Technologies Dr.J.Akilandeswari Completed
2014-2015 Equipment funding to Aakash center IIT Bombay David Samuel Azariya.S Completed
2012-2013 Modernization and removal of obsolescence of web technology lab AICTE Dr.J.Akilandeswari Completed
2011-2012 PICO satellite ISRO Dr.J.Akilandeswari
2011-2012 Design and development of software system for onboard computer and green synthesis of silver nano particles for solar cells efficiency improvement IE-RDC Dr.J.Akilandeswari
2010-2011 Predictive analysis of clinical databases AICTE-RPS Dr.J.Akilandeswari Completed
S.No Name of the Project Funding Agencies Year
1 Remote Controlled PC Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology 2004-2005
2 UML 2.0 based modeling and automatic code generation for Embedded System important to safety for Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR). Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Chennai.  2007-2008
3 Predictive Analysis of Clinical Database. Research Promotion Scheme (RPS)  2010-2012


Faculty PhD Completed Title and Year Wise

S. No. Faculty Name PhD Title Completed Year
1 Dr.  J. Akilandeswari Design and Analysis of Architectural Frameworks for an Intelligent Web crawler 2009
2 Dr. J. Senthilkumar Advertisement Timeout Driven Bees mating Approach to maintain Fair energy level in Wireless Sensor Networks. 2012
3 Dr. V. Mohanraj An Ontological Framework for Improving Accuracy of ORS using Forager Bees Intelligence 2013
4 Dr. Y. Suresh Forager Bees Intelligence Inspired Dynamic Queue Scheduling For Classified Flows In Internet Traffic 2013
5 Dr. J. Jeba Emilyn A Novel Suite Based on Rough Sets for Clustering Gene Expression Data 2014
6 Dr. P. Shanmugaraja A hybrid classifier for the fair queuing of ipv4 and ipv6 real time and non real time traffic flows using a dynamic  Scheduler 2015
7 Dr. S. Vasanthi A Design of Security Model For Detection and Prevention of DDoS Attacks Using Time Drive Enhanced Entropy method 2015
8 Dr. P. Ilanchezhian Design and Analysis of digital Reed Solomon Encoder and Decoder circuits using Quantum dot Cellular Automata 2015
9 Dr.P. Iyyanar An effective and secure scheme for real - time video streaming based on modified secure real time transport protocol using AES-CFB mode 2016
10 Mr.K. Thangaraj Visual Sensor Framework for Forest Area Monitoring Using L4 Leads Protocol Ongoing (Synopsis submitted)
11 Mr.U.K. Balajisaravanan Big Data Analysis Ongoing
12 Mr. M. Venkatesh Web Technology Ongoing
13 Mr. S. Lakshmanan Medical Image Processing Ongoing
14 Mr.S.David samuel azariya   Networking Ongoing