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Guest Lecturer Organized

1 20-08-2016 A Seminar on “IOT in industries” by Dr.kanagasundaram, Senior Technical Lead, Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited, Bengaluru was conducted for M.Tech-IT and Final B.Tech students.
2 27-08-2016 Guest Lecture on “Data Structures” by Mr.P.Suresh, Software Engineer, AppDynamics, Bangalore was conducted for II year IT students.
3 12-08-2016 Guest Lecture on “Internet Security” by Mr.G.Vinoth, Software Engineer, CISCO Systems, Bengaluru was conducted for final year IT students.
4 23-07-2016 A Special Lecture on “An Introduction to Git-Hub and Publishing the website in it” by “S.Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor / IT, SCT, Salem” was conducted for B.Tech- IT  III & IV year students.
5 27-07-2016 Guest Lecture on “Latest Web Technology Tools” by Mr.Vasanthakumar, Solution Architect, NEOSME, Salem & Mr.Hariharan, NEOSME, Salem was conducted for B.Tech- III Year students.
6 23-07-2016 Guest Lecture on “Software Quality Assurance and Management” by Mr.P.Karthick, Senior Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore was conducted for B.Tech-IV Year – IT and M.Tech- IT students.
1 04.01.2014 Guest Lecture on "Mobile Application Development" by Mr.S.Senthil Kumar, Jupiter Network, Bangalore for IT Students.
2 08.01.2014 Guest Lecture on "Problem Solving Techniques on Data Structures and Algorithms" by Mr.B.Soma Sndaram, Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA for IT Students
3 27.01.2014 Guest Lecture on "Opportunities in Data warehousing" by Mr.Nithin, Project Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA for IT Students.
4 17.03.2014 Guest Lecture on "C# with .NET" by MIS team of Sona for IIIyr IT Students.
5 15.04.2014 Guest Lecture on "Runtime Environment & Code Generation" by Prof.Prathilothamai, Assistant Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham, Coimbatore for IT Students.
6 28-08-14 Guest Lecture  on "Cloud Computing and its Applications" by Mr.S.Sountharrajan, Assistant Professor(Sr.G), Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, was held in department  Library for II Year M.Tech students.
7 16.09.2014 Guest Lecture on "Career in a product based company" by Ms.Indra Jagan, Founder Member of eWIT & Head Academic Initiative, was held in Edison Hall for students of CSE, IT and MCA.
8 20-09-14 Guest Lecture on “Resent Trends in Networking and Mobile Device” Mr S. Vinoth Kumar ,Principal Engineer ,Broadcom, Bangalore for III year IT students
9 06-10-14 Guest lecture was conducted on the topic “DOT NET-industry Trends” by Mr.R.Obuliraj, Assistant Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai
10 11.10.2014 Guest Lecture on “Wireless LAN” by Mr. Kanagasundaram, Senior Technical Lead, Edison, Bangalore – IV Year B. Tech(IT)
11 11.10.2014 Guest Lecture on “Software Design Patterns” by  Mr. John Christopher, Technical Leader at Burning Glass Technologies (Checktronics India pvt ltd.) – III Year B. Tech(IT)
12 05-12-14 Guest Lecture on “Innovative Practices on Teaching Methodology “ by Mr. B.K. Somasundaram, Microsoft, USA, for M. Tech students & Faculty
13 02-01-15 Guest Lecture on “Introduction to GLC Compiler and GNO Linux” by Mr. S. David Samuel Azariya, SCT, Salem.
14 21-02-15 Guest Lecture on “Bluemix” byMr. M. Murali, SCT, Salem.
15 27-02-15  Guest Lecture on “Quantum computing” by Mr. N. Selvanthan, SCT, Salem.
16 21-03-15 Guest Lecture on “Hadoop Technology” by U.K. Balajisaravanan, SCT, Salem.
17 10-04-15 Guest Lecture On “Cloud Computing – Industry Trends”, By Mr.Vasanthkumar, Head Of Development, Kirazz, India.
18 18-04-15 Guest Lecture on DOT-NET industry by Mr.D.Vinoth kannan, Sr.Software Engineer,Ameex Technologies, Chennai.
19 03-07-15 Guest lecture on “How Bank Works with the help of Technology Service” by Mr. Adhavan Ramasamy, Application Manager/ Delivery Head, VP at RBS Citizens Bank, Cranston, RI, USA.
20 26-09-15 Guest Lecture on “Latest Trends in Mobile Computing” by Mr.G.Vinoth,
Manager, CISCO Systems, Bangalore.
21 20-01-16 Special talk on B.Tech- III year students by Mr.Arun Natesan, Director –NxGen, IT –Field Service, Johnson Controls, USA.
22 01-02-16 Guest Lecture on “C#.Net- Industry Trends” by Mr.R.Obuliraj, Asst.Consultant, TCS, Chennai, for the benefit of B.Tech-III year & M.Tech-II Year Students.
23 05-03-2016 Guest Lecture on “Big Picture & Internship” by Mr.P.Suresh, Software Developer, Flipkart & Mr.R.Ramki, Senior Software Developer, Folink was conducted for B.Tech-IV year – IT students.
24 26-03-2016 Guest Lecture on “Test case Management and Test Case Design” by Ms.AbiramiRamesh, Software Engineer, Accenture, Bangalore was conducted for B.Tech-IV year- IT students.
25 05-04-2016 Guest Lecture on “Amazon Web Services” by Mr.Vasanthakumar, Solution Architect, NEOSME, Salem was conducted for M.Tech- IT students.


1 27-07-2016
Train the Trainer Program on “Agile Software Development” was conducted in association with Infosys as Campus Connect program

Two-Week ISTE workshop on "Computer Programming" through Distance Education Mode was conducted by IIT, Bombay in our ECE Conference Hall. This workshop is sponsored by The National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi.

Two-Week ISTE workshop on "Computer Networking" through Distance Education Mode was conducted by IIT, Bombay in our ECE Conference Hall. This workshop is sponsored by The National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi.
3 30-08-14 Workshop on “Setting up a Cloud “was held for II Year M. Tech students by Mr.Soundharajan


Launched  of IBM Bluemix platform by Ms.Robyn Selge, Director of Ecosystems Development, IBM Asia Pacific, Singapore and Mr. Lawrence Mohanraj, DGM, AI, India


A National Level workshop on “Simulation of Routing Protocols for Wired and Wireless Network using ns-2was conducted with the resource person Mr.B.Jagadesh Chandra Bose,Yagnamayaya Institute,Chennai


Women Engineer Development Cell of IEI Salem Local Centre Organized an awareness program “Protection from Exploitation of Women”.by Mrs.Umarani Selvaraj, Past Dist.Chairman, Inner Wheel and Mrs. Shanthi, Advocate/Commissioner of Oaths.



Workshop on “LAMP Architecture” for 105 participants organized by IT-FOSS, SCT team.
8 25-05-15 One- Week ISTE workshop on ""Introduction to Design of Algorithms" through Distance Education Mode was conducted by IIT-kharagpur"" in ECE Conference Hall. This workshop is sponsored by The National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi.
9 11-07-15 Workshop on "Problem Solving Techniques" by Mr.N.Sampath Kumar, Asst.Prof(S.G),IT, SCT,Salem in department library.
10 29-08-15 Workshop on “Python programming” was conducted in IBM lab for III-year IT students by Mr.David Samuel Azariya, Mr.K.Karthik, N.Selvanathan, S.Rajkumar, Assistant Professors of IT, SCT, Salem.
11 12-09-15 Workshop on “Python programming” was conducted in IBM lab for II-year IT students by Mr.David Samuel Azariya, Mr.K.Karthik, N.Selvanathan, S.Rajkumar, Assistant Professors of IT, SCT, Salem.
12 04-12-15
Workshop on “Signal and Image Processing” by Dr.K.P.Soman
Director/HOD, Amrita University,Coimbatore, attended by staffs from sona and outside institution
13 15-12-15 Workshop on "IBM BlUEMIX" Platform as a Service by Mr.Sachinkumar R.S
Community manager, IBM Global Entrepreneur programme, IBM Bangalore & Dr.V.Mohanraj, Professor/IT,Sona College of technology,Salem attended by staffs from sona and outside institution
14 16-12-15
Workshop for Developing Entrepreneurs among UG & PG students by Dr.Vijayaragavan Viswanathan, Scientist/CERN| CEO, Tiino technmations Ltd attended by Students from Sona college of technology
15 08-01-16
Workshop on “Ruby on Rails” by Mr.S.R.Guptha, Product Developer, FreshDesk Chennai.
16 04-02-16 Workshop on “Angel Instructor- Elearning Platform Solutions” for IT, CSE, MCA staff members by Mr.Saravanan Sundaramoorthy, Founder&CEO, Chennai.
17 06-02-16 Workshop on "APP Development through Cloud Computing" for B.Tech-III year & M.Tech-I year students by renowned  experts  from   M/s.Consleague   Consulting   Pvt.   Limited, Bangalore.
18 07-03-16 Workshop on “LAMP Architecture” by Mr.David Samuel Azariya, AP/IT, SCT, Salem & Mr.Selvanathan, AP/IT, SCT, Salem was conducted for various engineering college students.
19 16-03-16 Workshop on “Technologies for Big Data and Analytics” by Mr.Ayush Gaur, Lead Instructor, Big Data and Analytics Club, The University of Texas at Dellas, USA was conducted for professors from various engineering institutions including home institution.
20 17-03-16 FDP on “Enjoyable coding” by Dr.Jey Veerasamy, Sr.Lecturer, Department of Computer science, Erik janson School of Engineering & Computer science, The University of Texas, Dallas,USA

National Seminar and Conference

Sl.No. Date Topic Resource Person
1 16-08-13
ICT Application for rural development and education
  • Shri.S.Dharmalingam, General Manager ( Quality), BHEL, Trichirapalli.
  • Dr.Narendra kohli, Professor of HBTI, Kanpur and EC Member of Kanpur local centre
  • Dr.K.S.Gupta founder and CEO of KSG-CLND, Bangalore
  • Dr.G.Tholkappia arasu, Principal, AVS Engineering College,
  • Dr.H.Lilly Beaulah, HOD/CSE Mahendra College of Engineering
  • Dr.A.Nagappan, Principal, VMKV Engineering College
  • Dr.V.Murali Bhaskaran, Principal of Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology,salem
  • Dr.RSD.Wahida Banu, Principal, Government College of Engineering, Salem
  • Dr.R.Samson Ravindran, Executive Director,Mahendra Engineering College, Salem.
  • Dr.G.Ranganath, Chairman, IEI Salem Local Centre & Principal, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur
2 11-04-2014 National Conference –NCSMAC-2014 Sri.S.Raghavan, Senior Manager&Head, Microgenesis Tech soft-Bangalore.

Training Programme

Sl.No. Date Course Attended by
1 15-07-13
IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) 216 students of  IT, CSE and MCA

National Symposium

Sl. No Date Event Resource Person Participants
1 07-03-2016 National Level Technical Symposium PORT'16 R.Suresh Babu,
Senior manager solutions,
ERP Logic,
150 students participants from various engineering colleges
2 27-04-15 National Level Technical Symposium PORT'15 Mr.Arun, Sr. Project Manager, Infosys 150 students participants
3 5-3-2014 National Level Technical Symposium PORT'14 Smt.V.Vasantha kumari, DGM/SAIL-Salem
Smt.S.Uma Maheswari, Manager, CTS, Chennai.
170 participants from various Engineering Colleges.

Design Contests

S. No. Date Programme Participants
1 08-03-2016 IGNITE'16 A vision for Innovation – A Massive Expo of Software  More than 30 teams from various engineering where presented their projects
2 26-03-2015 IGNITE'15 A vision for Innovation – A Massive Expo of Software More than 45 teams from various engineering where presented their projects
3 26-03-15 IGNITE'14 A vision for Innovation – A Massive Expo of Software More than 100 students of other institutions in tamilnadu participated. 25 Students' Technical Projects were exhibited.
4 10-10-13 IGNITE'13 A vision for Innovation – A Massive Expo of Software Faculty and 103 students of our and other departments participated.

Intra Department Symposium

Sl. No Date Event Participants
1 05-01-16 Intra Department Symposium VERVE'16 400 participants from Sona College of Technology
2 18-02-15 Intra Department Symposium VERVE'15 400 students from the department participated.
3 29-01-14 Intra Department Symposium VERVE'14 337 participants from Sona College of Technology

Publication of technical magazines, newsletters

S.No. Publications Staff Advisor Student Team Issue
1 e-Magazine
Dr. J. Akilandeswari   Brabu V
Darshnashree S R
Deepika P
Kannan J
Roshini P
Sasidharan R
Sakthivel C R
Gayathri C
Hemalatha S
Monideepa Das
Pavitra M

Half Yearly
2 e-Magazine
Dr. J. Akilandeswari Bowya s
Jayasudha s p
Jeeva kaviya s
Anantharaman s k n
Soorya r
Shivaranjanie s
Vijayalakshmi s
Roshini m
Madhu shree s
Mohana priya s
Reshma m
Ravi kumar s
Half Yearly

 Department Events

    • Two teams of students participated in International level programming contest (Online Contest) organized by ACM on 22.10.2016.
  • Parents meet for second year IT students was held in Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam hall (ECE) on 25.07.15
  • IT-Department association activities was inaugurated by Mr.S. Vasanthakumar, Solution Architect, Kirazz India Ltd., Salem on 04.09.15

Events attended by Faculty members:

  • AICTE- Sponsored Two Week Faculty Development Programme on "Recent Advances and Future Scope of Research In Image Processing" on 10-07-2013 to 23-07-2013.
  • TEQIP-II sponsored One Week Faculty Development Programme on "Emerging Directions in Digital Image Processing"organized by Government College of Engineering, Salem.
  • Faculty Development Program on "Cloud Infrastructure and Services"sponsored by ICT Academy of Tamilnadu from 17-02-2014 to 22-02-2014.
  • National workshop on "Mobile Applications and Developer Challenges in Android Powered Devices"in Amrita university on 18-04-2014 tom20-04-2014.
  • MHRD sponsored workshop on "Computer Programming" in IIT Bombay on 21-04-2014 to 26-04-2014.
  • MHRD sponsored workshop on "Computer Networking" in IIT Bombay on 05-05-2014 to 09-05-2014.
  • Faculty Enablement Program on "Mobile Application Development Using Android" organized by Infosys from 26-05-2014 to 30-05-2014.