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R & D - Sponsored Projects

List of Sponsored Research Projects (Ongoing)
(by AICTE /DST/IGCAR/ ISRO/Industries/SCT)

S.No Title of the Project Agency Scheme Principle Investigator (PI) & (Co-PI) Period Status
Department of Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
1 Study of Dynamic Behavior of Defrosting on Superhydrophobic Surface AICTE - RPS Dr. D. Senthilkumar 2017-20 Ongoing
2 Rural Women Technology Park in Salem (Kandarkulamanickem Panchayat), Tamil Nadu DST-  WTP  Scheme Dr. M. Usha 2017-20 Ongoing
3 NANO MANUFACTURING DST - FIST Dr. D. Senthilkumar 2016-21 Ongoing
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
4 Development of nanofluid insulation with carbon quantum dots covered isolative/semi conductive/magnetite nanoparticles and investigation of its partial discharge characteristics for power transformers DST - Nano Mission Dr. S. Chandrasekar 2017-21 Ongoing
5 Development of Biodegradble, ECO-Friendly, Carbon Quantum Dots Covered Nanoflud insulation for power transformers AICTE - RPS Dr. S. Chandrasekar 2017-20 Ongoing
6 Brushless DC torque motor LEOS-ISRO Prof. N. Kannan 2017 Ongoing
7 Salary & Research Grant UGC Faculty Award Dr. S. Chandrasekar 2016-18 Ongoing
8 Inferring the dielectric and partial discharge characteristics of nano fluids for power transformer applications CPRI, Bangalore Dr. S. Chandrasekar 2015-18 Ongoing
9 22.5degree PM stepper motor VSSC-ISRO Prof. N. Kannan 2016 Completed
10 Development of Brushless DC motor for optical scanner LEOS-ISRO Prof. N.Kannan 2016 Completed
11 To Strengthen Research Facilities in all Science Department of the College DST - FIST Dr. S. Padma 2016-18 Ongoing
12 Evaluation of voltage stability index in a distributes photo voltaic system Fast track young scientist Dr. M. Senthil Kumar 2016-18 Ongoing
13 An Integrated system for Harnessing Maximum Sustainable Energy Sources for a Domestic Load. UGC – Minor Project Dr.R.Arulmozhiyal 2018 Ongoing
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
14 Development of Digital Encoding System for Tamil Characters in Palm Leaf Manuscripts AICTE - CAYT Dr.R.S.Sabeenian 2015-18 Ongoing
15 Centre of Excellence for Fabric Defect Detection using Intelligent image analytics DST – FIST Dr.R.S.Sabeenian 2016-21 Ongoing
16 ICT Interventions to Promote Entrepreneurship Development of Women SHGs in Salem District, Tamil Nadu through Rural Agricultural Support Centers (Agri BPOs) DST – SEED Dr.R.S.Sabeenian
2016-19 Ongoing
17 Pulse plating for silver anklet industry DST-WTP Dr.S.Jayapoorani 2016-19 Ongoing
Department of Computer Science and  Engineering (CSE)
18 Clinical Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Preventive Care Analytics for Rural Women in and around Kandar Kula Manickam, Salem District, TamilNadu. DST- SEED Dr. B. Sathiyabhama 2016-19 Ongoing
19 Fabric Defect Detection using Intelligent Image Analytics DST – FIST Dr.M.Usha 2016-21 Ongoing
20 ICT Interventions to Promote Entrepreneurship Development of Women SHGs in Salem District, Tamil Nadu through Rural Agricultural Support Centers (Agri BPOs) DST - SEED Division(Agri BPOs) Dr.M.Usha 2016-19 Ongoing
21 Development of Rural Women Technology Park In Salem, Tamil Nadu DST – SEED (WTP) Dr.M.Usha 2017-20 Ongoing
22 Computer Networks Lab and Strengthening Campus wide networking AICTE – MODROBS Dr. B. Sathiyabhama 2017-18 Ongoing
Department of Information Technology (IT)
23 A proof of Concept fir indoor navigation using real time image recognition algorithm SEED-TIDE Dr. J. Akilandeswari 2017-18 Ongoing
24 ICT Interventions to promote entrepreneurship development of women in the Salem district, tamilnadu through rural agricultural support centers Agri BPO-DST Dr.J.Akilandeswari 2016-19 Ongoing
Department of Civil  Engineering
25 Experimental Study on Performance Behavior of RC Beam using High Performance Textile Reinforcement for Precast Construction. IEI - R&D Grant Dr.R.Malathy 2016-18 Ongoing
26 Rural women Technology Park in salem/Kardarkulamanicken Panchayat,Salem Block,Tamil Nadu DST - WTP Dr.R.Malathy 2016-19 Ongoing
27 Modernization of Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory AICTE – MODROBS Dr.R.Malathy 2017-20 Ongoing
Department of Fashion Technology (FT)
28 Modification of Industrial-Grade Sewing Machine to make it User-friendly for Differently abled Persons DST – IDP Dr.D.Raja 2016-18 Completed
29 Design, Development and optimization of a Moisture Management Simulator to Quantity Moisture Transfer in Active Sportswear under Various Deformations using Thermal Image Processing IEI Grant R&D Dr.D.Raja 2016-18 Ongoing
30 Centre of excellence for textile fabric defect detection using intelligent image analysis DST – FIST Dr. G. Gunasekaran 2016-21 Ongoing
31 Sewing machine for differently abled women DST – WTP Dr. D. Raja 2017-20 Ongoing
Department of Computer Applications (MCA)
32 Knowledge Based Medical Diagnostic System to Foresee the Incidence of Neck and Shoulder Pain Disorders among Adolescents UGC - MRP Dr. T. Padma 2016-17 Ongoing
33 The Impact of cyber harassing on the mental health of young women in Dharmapuri District, Tami Nadu National Commission for Women Dr. T. Padma 2017-18 Ongoing
Department of Science
34 Sensing perceptible water from GPS and estimating rainfall from the same ISRO, IRNSS- GAGAN Scheme Dr.Rajasri Sen Jaiswal 2017-20 Ongoing
35 Improvement in Size Uniformity of Self Assembled InAs Quantum Dots on GaAs Substrate by Rapid Thermal Annealing ISRO
Dr. S. Saravanan 2015 –18 Ongoing
36 Conjugated low band gap polymers and small molecules for bulk hetero junction organic solar cells: The effect of mobile morphology on the photovoltaic properties DST-SERB &
Dr. C. Saravanan 2015 - 18 Ongoing
Department of Management Studies (MBA)


State Balanced Growth Fund

State Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu