Mechanical Engineering
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R & D - Sponsored Projects

List of Sponsored Research Projects (Ongoing)
(by AICTE /DST/IGCAR/ ISRO/Industries/SCT)

S.No Title of the Project Agency Scheme Principle Investigator (PI) & (Co-PI)   Period Status
Department of Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
1 Design and Development of 3 axis Multipurpose Micro Machining Setup AICTE-RPS Scheme Mr.P.Suresh   2011-13 Completed
2 Design and analysis of light weight 5-asix robotic manipulator with indexing type end-effector ISRO Dr.M.Thangavel   2011-13 Completed
3 Cooling of CPU with Composite Heat Sinks AICTE-RPS Dr.Mohan   2011-13 Completed
4 Study of Dropwise Condensation Underneath Super Hydrophobic Surgaces AICTE-RPS Dr.D.Senthilkumar
  2011-14 Ongoing
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
5 Modeling, Simulation of Control Actuation System DRDO – RG Dr.R.Arulmozhiyal   2014-15 Ongoing
6 Development of Nano Composite Material for Electrical Cable Applications AICTE-RPS Mr.Kalaivanan   2013-16 Ongoing
7 Design and Development of 22.5 deg permanent magnet stepper motor ISRO,
Prof. N.Kannan   2010-14 Completed
8 High Power BLDC motor for RLV-TD project – Proto and three Qualification models. ISRO,
Prof. N.Kannan   2010-14 Ongoing
9 Development of  NaoH Compatible 3 KW BLDC motor HBL Power Systems, Hydrabad Prof. N.Kannan   2011-13 Completed
10 Development of Miniature reaction wheel for University Satellite Noorul Islam University (NIU), Nagercoil Prof.N.Kannan   2013-14 Ongoing
Department of Electronic Communication Engineering (ECE-UG)
11 Intelligent Toll gate System using RFID TNSCST &
Project Grant
  2013-14 Completed
12 Identification and Counting of Fertile Pollen Grains in Flowers Kerekhan Estate & Project Grant Dr.R.S.Sabeenian
And Team
  2013-15 Ongoing
13 Weed Detection using Image Processing Chockalingam trust & Project Grant Dr.R.S.Sabeenian
And Team
  2013-15 Ongoing
14 Visual Support system for Blind Persons AICTE Dr.K.R.Kashwan   2010-14 Completed
15 Development of Digital Encoding System for Tamil Characters in Palm Leaf Manuscripts AICTE - CAYT Dr.R.S.Sabeenian   2015-18 Ongoing
Department of Computer Science and  Engineering
16 Securing Wireless IPv6 Networks Against DDoS Attacks AICTE Dr.M.Usha    2010-13 Completed
17 Predictive Analysis of Clinical Databases AICTE Dr.B.Sathiyabhama & Dr. Akilandeswari /IT   2010-13 Completed
Department of Civil  Engineering
18 Development of Low Cost Building Blocks Using Rice Husk Ash and Manufactured AICTE-RPS Dr.R.Malathy   2012-14 Ongoing
19 Eco Friendly Road Pavement using Steel slag and fly ash IEI Dr.R.Malathy   2012-13 Completed
20 Structural Behaviour of GFRP – Geopolymer Concrete Composites DST-CAYT
Dr.K.Jagadeesan   2012-15 Ongoing
Department of Computer Applications (MCA)
21 Evaluation of Personality Traits with Predictive Models in Text Mining of Curriculum AICTE-RPS Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz   2011-13 Completed
22 Password Authentication using Steg Bio-Metrics NURA TECH Inc.Chennai Dr.S.P.Shantharaja     2011-13 Completed
Department of Science
23  Study of Radar Bright Band Height ISRO Dr.Rajasri Sen Jaiswal   2010-13 Completed
Department of Management Studies (MBA)
24 Survey among the most under developed block in Salem District (Yercaud, Kaadiampatty) Tamilnadu State Planning Commission, Chennai Dr.M.Selvaraj   2013-14 Ongoing
25 Survey and Report on Human Development Index for Salem District Tamilnadu State Planning Commission, Chennai Dr.M.Selvaraj   2013-14 Ongoing