R & D - Centre for study on Rainfall and Radio wave Propagation (SonaCRRP)


  • Study of Radar Bright Band Height’’ funded by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • “Study of cloud liquid water, precipitation water and latent heat” funded by parent institution
  • Effect of solar cycle on Earth’s climate
  • S-W and N-E monsoon of India
  • East and West coast climatology of India
  • Conversion of hourly to one –minute rainfall
  • Meteorological elements under the higher bright band than the freezing level
  • TRMM-estimated rainfall over Salem (for consideration in Children’s Science Congress conducted by the DST)

Ongoing Projects

  • Effect of El Nino/La Nina on global meteorological elements
  • The Sun- the ruler of Earth’s climate
  • Climate change

Academic Research Projects

  • 6 M.Sc. projects
  • 3 M. Phil. projects
  • 2 Ph D. projects