R & D - Centre for study on Rainfall and Radio wave Propagation (SonaCRRP)


Outreach Service

  • Completed Project entitled, “ TRMM-estimated rainfall characteristics over Salem” for students of Notredam Holy Cross School for consideration of presentation in the Children Science Congress conducted by Department of Science & Technology
  • Consultancy extended to the farmers of Mecheri, Nangavelli and Taramangalam on crop protection & crop production

Students Training/Internship/Involvement in Research

  • Sent 2 ECE final year students (Sunakshi Jaiswal & Deepan Chakraborty) to the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory ( NARL) ISRO, Gadanki for internship in December 2014
  • Sent 1 final year student (Sowmya L R) to the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory ( NARL) ISRO, Gadanki for internship
  • Sent  several first year students to BSNL, Chennai for internship in the year 2011
  • Sent a few students to MATRX ARC, Chennai for internship in the year 2013
  • Final year ECE student Sunakshi Jaiswal co authored the paper titled, ”Attenuation of TRMM Channel over Salem“ and Ms Sunakshi  presented the paper in the international conference on climate change: impacts & responses, Iceland University, Reykjavik, 2014. Later the paper was published in the international journal on climate change in December 2015.
  • C Oswald, computer Science student co-authored the paper titled,” Study of rainfall in relation to merteorological elements”. The paper was present in the Asia Oceania Geo Science Society, Bangkok in 2007

Programmes Conducted

Name of the programme Sanctioning authority Level Role Year
Seminar on aerosols and environmental pollution ISTE Regional Co-ordinator 2004
Faculty Development Programme on material science Anna University State Co-ordinator 2005
Symposium on rainfall rate and radio wave propagation
Indian Space Research Organisation, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tamilnadu State Council International Co-ordinator
Workshop & Exhibition on Photography Our Own Photographic Society, Kolkata Sona College of Technology State Co-ordinator 30 Nov ‘12
Evening Concert of Rabindra Sangeet by Amitendra Chandra Sen, Kolkata Sona College of Technology Local Co-ordinator 30 Nov ‘12

Details of Workshop/Conference/school attended

 Symposia / Summer schools attended Place Year
Summer School on Basic Astrophysics Indian Astronomical                                       Society, Calcutta 1984
Summer School on Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics ITM, Pune 1995
Training on Satellite Meteorology Space Applications Centre, Ahmadabad 1995
National Space Science Symposium Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmadabad 1997
National Symposium on Wideband Wireless Communication. Nainital 1998
SERC School on Electromagnetic probing of upper air atmosphere
(Selected but could not attend)
PRL, Ahmadabad 1998
Winter School on Indian MST RADAR Nat. MST RADAR
Facility, Tirupati
Workshop on Cloud and Aerosol Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 2001
National Space Science. Symposium               
Barkatulla University, Bhopal 2002
6th International Conference on Antennas, Propagation and EM Theory Beijing, China        2003
VII User Scientists’ Workshop on MST Radar National MST Radar Facility, Gadanki        2004
International Workshop on Material Science SSM Engineering College of Engineering and Technology        2005
International Symposium on Computers and Devices for Communication(CODEC,06) Calcutta University 18-20 Dec,2006
National Space Science Symposium Andhra University Mar’2006
4th Annual Meeting of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, Bangkok, Thiland Jul’ 2007
International Symposium on Physics and Engineering Microwaves, Millimeter and Submillimeter waves Usikov Inst. of Radio Physics and Electronics, Ukraine Jun’ 2007
International Astronautical Congress( paper accepted), Hyderabad        2007
International conference on rainfall & Radio wave Propagation Sona College of Technology, Salem Jan 2007
National Space science Symposium Radio Astronomy Centre, NCRA-TIFR, Udhagamandalam Feb’2008.
5th Annual Meeting of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, Korea Busan, Korea Jun’2008
Study of Rain Attenuation: Models Proposed and Measurements - A Review    
Int. Symp. on atmospheric Physics and Technology, YV Univ., A.P. Yogi Vamana  University, Kapada, Andhra Pradesh       2008
IEEE Int. Geo Sc. & Remote Sensing Symposium, Boston, USA       2008
International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, Scotland 29 Sep-3 Oct’2008
MST-12 Canada May’2009 (paper accepted; not presented)
6th annual Meeting Asia Oceania Geo Sciences Society, Singapore Aug’2009(paper accepted; not presented)
International Astronautical Congress Daejeon, Korea     2009
International Symposium on Computer & Devices Calcutta University     2009
National Space Science Symposium Saurashtra University Feb’2010
Asia Oceania Geo  Science Society Meeting Hydrabad July’2010
American Meteorological Society Conference-NCAS Leeds University, Manchester July’2010
9th Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Precesses Maryland (USA) 27 Sep-1 Nov 2010
International Conference on Climate Change and Enviroment. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin 24 Oct-27Oct 2010
National Conference on Advances in Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Weather Prediction and Climate Change. Tirupati, India Mar 10-11 2011
Study of radar bright band height and freezing level height International Conference  MST-13
19-23 March 2012
‘Section Earth System Science’
TRMM—estimated Meteorological Elements over the Indian Ocean
100th Indian Science Congress, Kolkata 3-7 Jan 2013
Workshop on basic photography Sona College of Technology, Salem 2012
Climate change conference: its impact and responses, Iceland University, Reykjavik , Iceland University, Reykjavik 27-28 June 2014
Workshop on GNSS/IRNSS NARL, ISRO, Gadanki 26 Feb 2016
URSI conference on Radio Science Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi Nov 2015
SPIE Asia Pacific Remote Sensing Conference New Delhi 4-7 April 2016