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Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to Anna University, ISO Certified, Accredited A - Grade by NAAC
NBA-Accredited: BE/BTech (Mech, EEE, FT) ME (PDD, PED, PSE, CSE) and MBA
Recognized by UGC under Section 2f & 12B of the UGC Act

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DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE - research & development

Projects under taken:
  • Study of rain and associated parameters: attenuation at ka band due to rain - National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, ISRO.
  • Study of rainfall and radio wave propagation – Visiting Fellowship of ISRO.
  • Studies on the pulse plating of silver for the jewellery industry under the Research
  • Promotion Scheme (RPS) 2006-2007 of All India Council for Technical Education.
  • Active research is being done in the Physics Wing under the following thrust areas of physics:
  • Rainfall and radio wave propagation, Metal Pulse plating technique, Crystal Growth and Characterization of NLO Single Crystals, Solar thermal applications and Materials Science.
  • Develop the centre to International Standard for Research and Development in Sona College of Technology. Collaborative Research with International researchers in the field of Photonics, MEMS, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Crystal Growth and Biotechnology.

Centre for Photonics and Nanotechnology (

Research Publications:
  • M. Silambarasan, S. Saravanan and Deepak R. Nayak, “Micro-Raman and photoluminescence studies of self-assembled quantum well microtubes on GaAs substrate”, Materials Letter, 105 (2013) 148–150.
  • T. Mohandas, C. Ranjith Dev Inbaseelan, S. Saravanan and P. Sakthivel, “Glycine–D-tartaric acid (1/1)”, Acta Crystallographica Section E, E69 (2013) o236
  • Synthesis Growth and Characterization of Urea-3-Nitrobenzoic Acid Single Crystals from Methanol Solvent, International Journal of Applied Chemistry, Vol.6, No. 1, (2010), 113-122.
  • V. Balasubramanian, “Performance analysis based on different surface coating in Light weight Inexpensive Portable solar cooker”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Volume 6, Number 1, (2010), PP 37 – 48.
  • C.Shanthi, “Studies on the effect of base metal composition in pulse plating of silver over silver alloy”. International journal of Chemistry, Canadian Centre of Science and Education, Vol. 2, No. 1, February, pp. 14-18, 2010.
  • M. Balamurugan and S. Saravanan, Producing Nanosilica from Sorghum vulgare Seed Heads, Powder Technology, Vol.224 (2012) 345-350.
  • Jegan, S. Sakai, S. Saravanan, A. Takeyama, K. Karunakaran, A. Ramasubbu, “One-pot systhesis and characterisation of Biopolymer – Iron oxide nanocomposites”,  International Journal of Nano Dimension, Vol.2(2), (2011) pp.105-110.
  • A.Jegan, A.Ramasubbu, S.Vasanth kumar, M.Balamurugan and S.Saravanan “Environmental benign synthesis and characterization of silver Nanoparticles using Phyllostachys sp leaves”, Digest Journal of Nanometerials and Biostructures, Vol.6, (2011), p.325-330.
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  • S. Hiratsuka, S.Saravanan, T. Harayama, N. Ohtani, “Photoluminescence properties of annealed InAs quantum dots capped by InGaAs layers” Physica Status Solidi (C), Vol.6, (2009) pp.189-192.
  • Synthesis and Growth of Urea-Organic Additive material for the optical modulation process in Optoelectronics Engineering and Technology, Journal on Future Engineering & Technology, Vol. 4, No.4, (2009), 16-21.
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  • V. Balasubramanian, “Fabrication and Study of Light weight Inexpensive Portable Solar Cooker”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Volume 5, Number 2, (2009), PP 175 – 182.
  • C.Shanthi, “The  effect of DC plating parameters on the composition and morphology of silver copper alloy”  Applied Physics Research, Canadian Center of Science and Education, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp.2-7, May, 2009.
  • "Study of Z-R relation over Gadanki for different rainfall rates" Journal of Radio and space physics, 2008
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  • "Radio wave propagation over Salem" American Institute of Physics conference Proceeding , Vol. 923, 218-231, 2007               
  • Study of effective path length and path reduction factor over some stations in India Indian Journal of Radio & Space physics Vol 27 66-70 1998

Research Scholars

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