Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering - Programme Outcomes

1) Students in the Civil Engineering programme should, at the time of their graduation, be able to

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering.
  • Identify and solve technical problems pertaining to civil engineering.
  • Analyse, design and deliver products / documents that meet customer requirements.
  • Apply the solutions to civil engineering problems in global and societal contexts.
  • Adapt and use modern and innovative materials and practices at construction sites.
  • Use various techniques / measures, which will be of great use to the society, during the time of crisis.
  • Identify and perform the activities which will improve the environment and sustainability.
  • Understand and follow professional and ethical responsibilities as experts in the field of civil engineering.
  • Function as a Project member / leader in a civil engineering or multidisciplinary project.
  • Communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of recent trends in the field of civil engineering.
  • Exhibit skills for continuous and lifelong learning.