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Tamilnadu State Power Lifting & Dead Lift Championship
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Infrastructure Facility - Health and Physical Education

The following facilities for maintaining the physical fitness and health have been provided for our students in our campus.

Common Gym

  • Power Gym Cycle (Imported) - Dual Action
  • Twister (12 Gauge) Standing and Sitting
  • Multi Exer Bench with leg curl and latpull
  • Push-up Bar
  • Squat Stand
  • Rowing Machine
  • Dumbbells-steel
  • Power Stepper
  • Tread Mill Magnetic-Manual
  • Weight Plates Rack
  • Weight Dumbbells Rack

For Women

  • Power gym cycle
  • Twister
  • Power stepper

Training Method

  • Mental Training
  • Psychology Training
  • Physical Training
  • Special Coaching Camp
  • Health Checkup
  • Practice Matches
  • Gym workout
  • Swimming pool workout

    For Staff

    Yoga, Meditation, Swimming, other games and coaching classes.


Courts Fields No’s Facilities No’s
Standard Track and Field 01 Yoga & Meditation hall 01
Basket Ball Court 01 Gym & Weight lifting and power lifting 01
Volley Ball Court 04 Shuttle badminton court 08
Foot Ball Court 01 Table tennis board 08
Hockey field 01 Carom Board 04
Hand Ball Court 01 Chess board 10
Ball Badminton Court 02 Swimming Pool 01
Tennis Court 01 Billiards 01
Cricket Field 01    
Cricket Net Practice 01    

Achievements :

List of Tournaments

  • Salem Zone level
  • Inter Zonal Level
  • South Zone Inter University
  • All India Inter University
  • State Level Open Tournaments
  • JETS Tournament
  • TIES Tournament

Team Members :

Name Of the Post Name Of the Staff
Senior Physical Director C.Raja Vignesh, M.Phil
Medical Officer - Naturopathy & Yoga Dr.R.Malathy, B.N.Y.S., Ph.D.
Sports Coordinator Mr. V.Vijay, B.E.
Physical Directress K.Anithaa, M.PEd.
Coach K.Devarajan, Swimming
P.Srinivasan, Billiards
Instructor (Parttime) R.Srinivasan, M.B.A.
Instructor P.Srinivasan, BBA., B.P.Ed
Life Guard - Swimming N.Vijayakumar
Sec.Assistant G.Bhuvaneshwari