Duration : 60 Hours Oracle
Intake : 20
Course Fee : Rs.3,000/-
Eligibility : Students of SCT or TPT
Prerequisite : Knowledge in DBMS
Objectives : To offer comprehensive training on Oracle 10g and at the end of the course students will able to use Oracle 10g as a back End tool in their applications. This course will form a basis for oracle certification exam preparation.
Course Content :
  • Introduction to database, Introduction to Oracle 10g, Introduction to SQL, Basics of Select statement, Arithmetic Expressions, operator precedence, null values
  • Select statement, column alias, concatenation operator, Character and string operations, restricting and sorting
  • Introduction to iSQL*Plus, Substitution variables, Functions Working with dates, Nesting functions, NVL, Case statement,   decode, Grouping – group by, having, group by with roll up  and cube, Joining tables, all types of joins, Subqueries Using group functions, Retrieving data from multiple tables Using set operators
  • Manipulating data ( insert, update, insert into multiple tables), Delete and truncate, Transactions, Create, alter, drop
  • Sequences, indexes, synonyms, Data dictionary, creating users
  • User system privileges, granting privileges, creating and granting roles, object privileges, Managing schema objects and indexes, Oracle database architecture, PL/ SQL outline,   Triggers
  • Cursors, Visual basic, Visual Basic, Summarization, Summarization, Evaluation Test, Mini project – details