Course Title : Programming in Java Java
Duration : 4 weeks (24 hrs Th + 16 hrs P)
Course Pattern : Evening, Summer/Winter Holidays
Course Fee : Rs.2000/-
Intake : 25
Eligibility : Any diploma, degree
Objectives : To provide in-depth knowledge in Java basics and API and at the end of the course students will able to develop java applications and applets.
Timings : :24 hrs Th + 16 hrs P
Course Content :
  • Introduction: OOPS concepts, Java basics, basic data types Classes and objects:Declarations, Initialization and Scope,
  • Flow control: selection, iteration statements - abstract, nested classes.
  • Inheritance- interfaces-exceptions – Packages, java.util.* forpatterns-
  • Collections: Vector, Set, List, Map interfaces
  • Concurrency: threads- multithreading –Thread class- Abstract windowing toolkit (awt): frames-controls-stand alone applications-
  • Applets: applet life cycle-creating and executing an applet - Basics of HTML, designing a web page, adding applet to HTML- passing parameters to applets
  • JDBC: Basics of DBMS, ODBC, SQL- connecting database with java-Retrieving information – statements- filters-sorting- GUI for database
  • Networking: Socket programming
  • Java Beans: event properties, methods, built in beans, customized beans.