Duration : 72 Hours J2EE
Course Pattern : Evening, Summer/Winter Holidays
Course Fee : Rs.4000/-
Intake : 20
Eligibility : Any diploma, degree
Prerequisite : Knowledge in Java
Objectives : To provide ample knowledge in J2EE platform architecture and API and at the end of the course students will able to depoly web or business components and develop web services and applications.
Course Content :
Basics of Java:
  • Classes and objects: Declarations, Initialization and Scope, abstract class - Control flow: selection, iteration statements, exceptions - Packages: import statement, java.io.* for files, java.util.* for patterns & other utilities
  • Concurrency: Threads, Multithreading, OO Concepts: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Collections: Vector, Set, List, Map interfaces-abstract windowing toolkit-frames-controls-stand alone applications
  • Differences between application and applets-applet life cycle-creating and executing an applet -basics of HTML, designing a web page, adding applet to HTML- passing parameters to applets
  • Basics of DBMS, ODBC, SQL- connecting database with java-Retrieving information – statements- filters-sorting- GUI for database
  • Introduction – Distributed applications- Client/Server communication- RMI- stub-skeleton- marshalling - naming and binding, lookup
Java Beans
  • Introduction- Bean component- Bean writing process- Using bean info-built-in beans- Bean property types- Custom Beans
Java Servlets
  • Introduction- Web server, servlet life cycle- types of servlets, - sending HTML information -Session tracking-Security
Java Server Pages(JSP)
  • Introduction –life cycle of JSP page- static/dynamic content- expression language- including applet-
  • Life cycle- Stateful, stateless session beans- Entity beans-message driven bean- EJB query language
  • Naming-data source objects and connection pools-Connections- database connections-mail session connections- URL connections
Timings : : Theory 40hrs practical 18hrs
Mini project 14 hrs Total 72 hrs