The hackathon is an opportunity to the students of Sona Group of Institutions for both coders and non-coders. We invite innovators to seek for solutions to tackle the second wave of Covid using range of technologies and with different choice of themes.
There are two competitions to compete for. One for non-coders and the other for coders. Big prize money of upto Rs. One lakh is awaiting for the winners. The participants will be given certificate of recognition.


The Covid second wave is leashing out our India for the past one month. The cases are in the rising trend and the government is facing problems and challenges in providing proper health care. Many patients with mild symptoms and tested positive for Covid are asked to home quarantine themselves and take proper medical care. Many people are in confused state of how to take care of themselves while home quarantining. If they have a solution that solves their dilemma or confusion on health care, it is a boon for them.


The students of Sona Group of Institutions (Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Sona College of Technology and Sona College of Arts and Science) have the opportunity to find solution for the important problem that we face now. The students can form teams with a maximum of four members. The teams can either register for competition 1 or competition 2. They cannot register for both as they are happening at the same time.


Competition 1 : Market and Need Analysis

The following are the tasks to be completed:

  • Analysis of existing solutions in the form of web or mobile app for the home quarantined people on how to manage their health related issues immediately.
  • The medical protocols that are available for home quarantined people
  • A survey is to be designed with appropriate questions and given to the public on the need for such solutions. The survey has to be taken with at least 100 people by each team.
  • Presentation of the findings from the survey
  • Technological solution ideas that sprang out of the exercise
The students’ teams registered for this competition are selected for winner based on the quality of the study they have done on the given tasks and how they present their findings. One team will be selected as winner.

Prize Money


Competition 2 : App Development

This competition is for teams that want to create a mobile application. There are two rounds in this competition. The functional and design requirements will be given and the teams have to complete the development within the said period. Top 5 teams will be selected from Round1 based on the completion of functional requirements, accessibility and UI design. The selected teams will be given further requirements to fine tune their application and one team will be selected as winner.

Prize Money







Registration begins: 26.04.2021

Registration ends: 29.04.2021

Competition 1 starts: 01.05.2021 – 07.05.2021

Competition 2 starts: 01.05.2021 – 07.05.2021

Announcement of selected teams from Competition 2: 08.05.2021

Round2 of Competition 2 starts: 10.05.21

Round2 of Competition 2 ends: 12.05.21

Announcement of winners from both competitions: 14.05.2021