Sona's Innovation Topathon 2022

(Residential Programme)

[ Postponed dates will be notified soon ]
All free food & accommodation

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Topathon (Idea to innovation)?

Topathon is a technical event, in which the participants are welcomed to work upon problems like designing a prototype/product, developing software or improving existing software, and the ideas may be drafted as a proof of concept. It will be conducted for a week and on the last day, the winners will be asked to present their design/idea/product etc.

How does Topathon help you?

Participating in Topathon is undeniably fruitful in several ways:

Topathons are a powerful means to create a healthy and competitive environment that will motivate the participants to think out of the box. Participating in this event will give you a generous exposure to the creative ideas of other participants and this can also help you think in a more innovative way and sometimes in a whole new direction. Besides, there is no faster way of learning than trying to wet your hands on complex problems by participating in this Topathon.

It will nurture the interpersonal skills such as problem-solving and time management, organization skills, team building, collaboration, and other business-oriented skills. It can help the participants to gain an insight into the working patterns of different industries. Starting from the generation of an idea to the development of a solution, the participants get exposure to various industry verticals that will broaden their vision and outlook. Further, it will offer a chance to meet and collaborate with like-minded innovation enthusiasts who might turn into profitable connections or references later.

The following is the list of areas of specialisation in which you are going to design/develop a model/product/prototype. Choose the one.

Department Research Area(s) Department Research Area(s)
  1. Concrete Technology
  2. IoT for Structural Health Monitoring
  1. Motor Design
  2. High Voltage Engineering
  3. Embedded Systems and IoT
  1. Nano Surface Coating
  1. Engineering in Healthcare
  1. Robotics & Automation
  1. Healhcare Data Analytics
  2. Blockchain Technology
  3. Speech and Language processing
  1. Data Analytics
  2. Network Security
  1. Digital/Medical Image Processing
  2. VLSI
  1. 3D Garment Fit Analysis
  2. Development of Smart Garments
  3. Recycling of garment waste