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TECH ZEAL 2023 (32 Hours Online Hackathon Contest)

Organized by Department of IT in Collaboration with Smartbridge, Hyderabad

10 - 11, February 2023


TECH ZEAL 2023 (ONLINE MODE) is 32 Hours State Level Hackathon contest organized by Department of Information Technology, Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu in collaboration with industry Smartbridge India Private Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana.

TECH ZEAL 2023 provides a platform for engineering college students to come with an effective solution for problems that we face in our day to day life. This is project development contest, where different problems identify by industry or taken from society are posed to technically enriched students to come up with innovative solution. More information related to problem statements of the contest can be seen in problem statements tab.

Problem Statements

PS-1 Air Quality Monitoring & Weather Forecasting System
Description Air pollution represents a serious environmental problem. Each year, millions of premature deaths are attributed to air pollution, with huge economic consequences. Furthermore, air pollution is detrimental to ecosystems, damages property, impacts visibility and haze, and threatens food and water security. Air Quality Forecasts, if they are reliable and sufficiently accurate, can play an important role as part of an air quality management system The air quality (AQ) Forecast lets the public know expected air quality conditions for the next 72 hours so that Government authorities can take action to manage the air quality and issue health advisories. Local air quality affects how you live and breathe. With the help of Weather API, we can get immediate access to local weather conditions and upcoming forecasts, It will Provide real-time notifications about prevailing and expected weather conditions. which helps governments and local administrations prepare for natural disasters and save lives.
Expected Solutions Prediction of the air quality is of at most importance. So, building a Machine Learning model that can predict Real-Time Air Quality & that is reliable and sufficiently accurate, can play an important role as part of an air quality management system. Participants can make use of any SDK to create a web Interface. 1.Build a Machine Learning model that can predict Real- Time Air Quality 2.Integrate the model with UI(User interface
Technologies and Tools ML, Time Series, Python, Weather API, etc
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PS-2 Intelligent AI Resume Screening
Description Today, recruiters spend less than one minute looking at each resume. Why? Because for every job requirement, the average recruiter screens hundreds of resumes, searching for the ideal candidate. In Human Resources (HR), talent acquisition is a big, complicated, and time-consuming activity. The size of the Indian market is very huge. Not only do thousands of people join the workforce every month, but the attrition rate is also significant. India has the largest percentage of workers who are actively seeking a new job. Even though it is a vast and liquid market, there are a few unpleasant inefficiencies. The lack of a standard CV format and style is the most difficult component, which makes shortlisting potential profiles for the desired positions tiresome and time-consuming. Effective resume screening demands subject experts to assess the fit and applicability of a profile to the post. Shortlisting is difficult due to the wide range of career opportunities available today, as well as the enormous number of applications received for the human resource department. The possibility of eliminating irrelevant profiles as quickly as possible in the process saves money and time. The biggest issue facing the business today is how to discover the best people with minimum resources, through the internet, and in a short amount of time. To introduce efficiency to the whole process, one primary difficulty must be addressed. i.e Knowing that applicants can execute the job before the company employs them. The foregoing issues are solved by automating the process of identifying the correct resume from enormous databases of resumes, regardless of how the resume was written, and generating a list of resumes that best suit the recruiter's job description. In the offered solution, algorithms are employed to rate resumes.
Expected Solutions The Objective of the project, is to identify the most qualified candidates for a certain vacancy. Recruiters must be able to thoroughly examine resumes in order to hire the right person at the right time. Every great recruitment strategy revolves around the requirement for efficient and effective resume screening.
Technologies and Tools NLP, Deep Learning, Python,..etc

PS-3 Automate Ecommerce Customer Service Chat summarizer
Description Today the e-commerce space not only holds multi-product platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. but also all types of retailers- big or small, regional or international, multi-product or single product which try to sell online. While online selling and e-commerce open a lot of potential opportunities for the sellers, with increasing competition it is becoming more and more difficult to manage. You need to differentiate yourself and your product from the other players to stay in the game. And this is where chatbots come into the picture. Solve customer queries, anytime, anywhere. Don't be limited to office hours to deliver a great & consistent experience. Customers can always get in touch. With automated conversations, your agents will win time back to help customers with difficult and complex questions. If you understand your customers, you know how to improve. With an AI-powered chatbot, you will have valuable insights to continuously improve your service & grow your business.
Expected Solutions Build a solution for handling customer chat and summarizing the conversation to take better business decisions. As we know Deep learning can also be potentially useful for spoken dialogue summarization, which can benefit a range of real-life scenarios including customer service management, medication tracking, insurance claim, etc. The Text Summarization task refers to the extraction of a summary given a determined text. To initialize the pipeline, the definition of the task is required as well as the summarization identifier.
Technologies and Tools NLP, Deep Learning, Python, Data Analysis, etc
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PS-4 Physician at your service
Description Emerging trends like increasing service demand, shifting focus towards 360-degree well-being, and rising costs of quality care are propelling the adoption of new technologies in the healthcare sector. Medical emergencies could arise at any time. From identifying symptoms to scheduling surgeries, a patient might need anything at any time. All medical professionals might not be able to always tend to everything. From enhancing the patient experience and helping medical professionals, to improving healthcare processes and unlocking actionable insights, medical or healthcare chatbots can be used for achieving various objectives.
Expected Solutions Build an AI chatbot that could chat with the users and get their queries, identifies the signs, symptoms, and disease information, analyzes the conversation's sentiment and tone, provides some suggestions for medication, and helps users to schedule appointments with nearby doctors based on the conversation. The solution should also be able to learn from mistakes.
Technologies and Tools NLP, Python, Data Analysis

PS-5 Sentiment Analysis and prediction of future sentiments
Description Social network has become a tool where a user can express his/her thoughts and feelings. Also, it’s a good way to stay tuned to the events around the world. We could use its data and process it to get some interesting results. Especially in healthcare, by examining customers' complaints and compliments through sentiment analysis, you can offer them a personalized healthcare plan, which results in a better patient experience. It can also be helpful to monitor the side-effects of medications based on social media posts and prevent unforeseen consequences.
Expected Solutions Task is to build a sentiment analysis tool for tweets and predict the polarity of a sentence. Tweets can be fetched from the official API. You can grab the API credentials Using the library tweepy, you can access the API and search for any query.
  • Capture the past 7 days tweets containing keywords: Covid, Covid-19 from New Delhi location and build a tool to calculate the average sentiment on hourly basis.
  • Then, use these hourly numbers to create a time-series and predict the next three hours’ sentiments.
  • Additionally, create a word-cloud for the captured tweets for visualization and getting insights.
Technologies and Tools Technologi es and Tools NLP, Machine Learning, Time-series Forecasting, Python, Data Analysis
References Use Cases, Tutorials, & Documentation | Twitter Developer Platform Tweepy




1. Problem Statements: PS's will be made available in the event Website.

2. Team Formation: Students interested to participate in Tech Zeal 2023 need to form a team consisting of minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 members.

3. Idea Nomination: Maximum of 20 registrations are allowed per one PS. Team should complete the registration process within a given timeline by filling out the registration form link.

4. Team Limit: One Team can register for one PS.

5. Selection and Shortlisting: All registered teams should present their proposed solution in a given format (will be shared by organizers) for 10 mins through online mode. After the presentations the best 5 teams per each PS will be shortlisted for grand finale.

6. Registration fee to participate in grand finale: Shortlisted teams have to register by paying Rs.1000/ per team. (Mode of Payment will be communicated to shortlisted team by organizers)

7. Grand Finale (ONLINE MODE): It will be for two days on 10th & 11th February, 2023 through ONLINE MODE. Start Time : 9.30 AM 10.02.2023 and End Time : 5.30 PM 11.02.2023

There will be ONE PRIZE in each of the problem statement for the TOP PERFORMING TEAM. On day1 all the participating teams will be briefed about the evaluation process by the organizers. The evaluation consists of 4 rounds (round1-day1, round2 & round3-day2, round4- day2).

8. Prize Money & Certificates: Total Prize Money - 50, 000 INR (A winner from each problem statement will be receiving prize money of 10,000 INR) and a merit certificate will be given to each winners. However, all the remaining participants will be awarded with a participation certificate.

Note: Any hardware / software requirements with respect to your project shall be borne by the participants.

Important Dates

Registration Starts: 22.11.2022

Idea Nomination End Date : 31.01.2023

Idea Presentation : 03.02.2023 and 04.02.2023

Grand Finale : 10.02.2023 and 11.02.2023

Organization Committee

Dr.J.Akilandeswari - Convener

Dr.V.Mohanraj - Coordinator

Dr.J.Senthilkumar - Co-coordinator

Dr.Y.Suresh - Co-coordinator

IT Department - All Faculty Members

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Total Prize Money - 50, 000 INR

A winner from each problem statement will be receiving prize money of 10,000 INR

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