Assistant Professor, Department of Mechatronics Engineering
Sona College of Technology, Salem – 636 005
Ph: +91 – 427 – 4099999 Ext: 888 Email : ,

Academic Profile
Degree Branch Institute Year
Ph.D., Automotive Sensors Anna University Pursuing
M.E., Mechatronics Engineering Kongu Engineering College 2015
B.E., Electronics and instrumentation Muthayammal Engineering College 2013

Period No of Years Designation Department Institution
22-06-2015 to 30-11-2020 5.5 Assistant professor Mechatronics Engineering SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore
16.12.2020 to Till date - Assistant professor Mechatronics Engineering Sona College of Technology, Salem

Areas of Expertise


International Journals

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Books/Book Chapters
  1. S Shankar, Naveen Kumar R, Mohankumar P, Karthick J and Pradeep S. Association of job and demographical risk factor with occurrence of Neck pain among hand screen printing workers. Ergonomics in caring for people, Chapter 17, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018.
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  1. Terrain-Bot Spline Wheel, (Co-inventor), Design No. 30217 – Published (2019).
  2. Sun Tracking system for Photovoltaic panels, (Inventor), Application No. 327722-001 (First examination completed)

International Conferences
  1. Mohankumar P, Shankar S, Naveen Kumar R, and Jayaraman Srinivasan. Work related musculoskeletal pain and risk factors variation for male and female workers in HSP Industries. International conference on contemporary research trends in diagnostics and therapeutics, Anna University, Chennai.
  2. Mohankumar P, R.R Muralidharan. KAMM –The Server bot, International Conference on Control and Automation, KCE, Coimbatore.
  3. R Yasodharan, A P Senthilkumar, J Ajayan, P Mohankumar. Effects of layer thickness on Power Conversion Efficiency in Perovskite solar cell: A numerical simulation approach, 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication and Mechanical Engineering (IEEE), SECE, Coimbatore.
  4. P Mohankumar, R Manikandan, T R Gokula Krishna, S Praveen Kumar, S Rajesh Kumar Automated Efficiency Enhancement of Photovoltaic cells using Artificial Intelligence, International Conference on Computer, Communication and Signal Processing (IEEE), SSNCE, Chennai. (Paper submitted).

FDP Attended
  1. One week FDP under the title Smart Sensors and Systems (IoT and CPS) at IIT (BHU), Varanasi (Nov 2018).
  2. One week FDP under the title Human factors Engineering and advanced cognitive systems at IIT, Bombay (May 2019).
  3. One week FDP under the title Teaching, learning and assessment with MOOCs at CIT, Coimbatore (Nov 2019).

Seminar/Conference/Workshop organized
  1. Two days workshop on MEMS sensors for Robotic Applications using Arduino on 22 & 23 Sept. 2015 under Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering, SNSCT.
  2. Five days FDP on Effective Research and Technical paper writing between 09-13 Dec 2019 for young research aspirants in SNSCT.

Awards and Achievements
  1. Received Best Young Researcher award in Solid-state semiconductor devices for Elsevier Technical paper.

Other activities/achievements