Research Areas

Academic and Professional Honors

Sponsored Research Projects
S.no Project Title Sponsoring Agency
1. A proof of concept for indoor navigation using real time image recognition algorithm DST - TIDE
2. Fabric Defect Detection DST – FIST
3. ICT Interventions to Promote Entrepreneurship Development of Women SHGs in Salem District, Tamil Nadu through Rural Agricultural Support Centers (Agri BPOs) DST
4 Cloud Brokerage Services involving multiple cloud service providers Academic
5 Data analytics in social networks for causal analysis Academic
6 Actionable Knowledge discovery on social networks Academic



  1. Machine Learning – Stanford University
  2. Hadoop Platform and Application Framework – University of California, San Diego
  3. Intorduction to Big Data – University of California, San Diego
  4. A crash course in Data Science – John Hopkins University
  5. Getting and Cleaning data – John Hopkins University
  6. R programming - John Hopkins University
  7. The data Scientist’s toolbox - John Hopkins University


  1. Fundamentals of Database Systems – IIT, Kanpur
  2. Data Science for Engineers – IIT, Madras
  3. Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases  - IIT, Kharagpur and IBM India

Patents Filed

A patent on "Secured Routing Protocol" by Dr. V. Anitha and Dr. J. Akilandeswari has been filed and it is in published status.
Application. No 3822/CHE/2014



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International Journals

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International Conferences

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Academic Background
University/College Degree Year Field of Specialization
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli Ph.D 2009 Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli M.E 2003 Computer Science and Engineering
Periyar Maniammai College of Technology for Women B.E 1996 Computer Science and Engineering (Gold Medalist)

Academic and Industrial Experience: (19 Years)
University/College/Organization Designation Period
Sona College of Technology Professor October 2009 - Till Date
Sona College of Technology Asst. Professor November 2004 – September 2009
Sona College of Technology Lecturer March 1998 - October 2004
Thiagarajar Polytechnic College Lecturer June 1997 - November 1997

Major positions held

Workshops / conferences / FDPs organized

Organized many training programs and conferences. To mention a few

  1. International conference on Intelligent Computing Systems - 2017
  2. IEI National Convention - 2016
  3. National Conference on SMAC technologies - 2014
  4. IEI National Seminar - 2013
  5. Faculty Development programme on Cryptography and Network Security - 2011
  6. Staff Development programme on Advanced Web Technologies - 2012
Ph.D students guided

Subjects Taught / Teaching

Professional Affiliations

Invited Talks
Date Event / Invited Talk Organization
January 2009 Session chair, National conference Code Clave 2009  Govt. College of Engg., Salem
September 2010 Resource person for a workshop on Web Technology on the topic  “XML” National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
23.10.10 Resource Person for  FDP on Data Mining on the topic “Opinion mining” Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai
29.1.11 Resource Person for  National Symposium on the topic “ Ontology learning” Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai
11.2.2010 Invited talk on “Recent Advances in DBMS” CSI Polytechnic, Salem
29.11.11 Resource Person for  FDP  on  Cloud computing on the topic  “Challenges in DaaS” KSR College of Engineering, Tiruchengode
29.11.11 Invited Talk on Cloud Computing KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode
22.7.11 Delivered an inaugural address for association on Recent Advances in IT Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan college of Engineering, Perambalur
25.10.11 Resource Person for  FDP  on WSN and deliverd a topic on “Computational Intelligence in Wireless Sensor Networks” Sona College of Technology
17.12.11 -19.12.11 Chaired a session in International Conference ADCONS 2012 NIT, Suratkal
21.9.12 Delivered a special lecture on “Cloud Computing – Issues and Trends” Vellalar college for women, Erode
29.9.12 Chaired a session in National Conference GCE, Salem
10.12.12 Delivered a session on “Analysis of Algorithms” on the Anna University Sponsored FDP Erode Sengunthar Engineering College
10.12.13 Delivered a session on “ Virtual Memory ” on the Anna University Sponsored FDP on Operating Systems – Sona College of Technology
25.01.2014 Handled a session on “Spoken Tutorials ”. -  Workshop on Quality initiatives Quality Improvement Cell, Sona College of Technology,
31.12.2013 & 04.01.2014 Resource person for the NBA Workshop organized for EEE, FT and Mech department faculty members Sona College of Technology, Salem
30.06.2014 & 01.07.2014 Resource person for the NBA Workshop organized PG department faculty members Sona College of Technology, Salem
02.06.2014 Delivered a special lecture on “Data Analytics” M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering
8.12.2014 Asymptotic notations, mathematical analysis of algorithms AU sponsored FDP in KSRCE, Tiruchengode
27.2.2016 Social Media Analytics IEI, Salem Local centre, TPT
29.6.2016 mongoDB Workshop on Big Data Analytics, Department of CSE, Sona College of Technology
17.8.2017 Machine Learning – An Introduction IE(I) sponsored one day seminar on Machine Learning at  Sona College of Technology
31.08.2017 & 1.09.2017 Machine Learning hands-on workshop Vee Technologies
15.05.2018 Introduction to Outcome based Instructional Methods AICTE – ISTE sponsored Induction programme
20.6.2018 Learning styles and assessment Pedagogy training to faculty members, Sona College of Technology
29.06.2018 Introduction to Machine Learning and Linear Regression Mastering Machine learning, 2 days workshop,  Sona College of Technology

Journal reviewer