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Initializing Digital MBA & E Learning Platform for MBA

At Sona College of Technology, Electronic Tablets were distributed to the MBA Students which is enabled with E Learning platform consisting of all academic resources and books that support their curriculum. The programme was presided by Mr. Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman, Sona group of institutions, who insisted the relevance of technology in management education in his speech.


He also quoted that Educational institutions must be at par with growing technology as hand held devices rules the world, especially the student community. Chief Guest – Mr. B. Krishnakumar, General Manager, UNIVERCELL Communications, Chennai stated the need of Business analytics skill set for students as the order of the day. Dr.C.V.  Koushik, Academic Director , Prof. D.Immanuel, Head – Industry Interface,  Dr.V.P. Rameshkumaar , Ms. Jothi Francina were present along with MBA Faculty team and students.

30th National Convention of Computer Engineers and National Seminar on the theme ‘’Data Mining Techniques and Recent Trends’’

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the largest multidisciplinary professional body that encompasses 15 engineering disciplines and gives engineers a platform to share professional interests. This year, The Institution of Engineers (India), Salem Local Center under the tutelage of “Computer Engineering Division Board (CPDB) in consortium with Department of Information Technology, Sona College of Technology & Thiagarajar Polytechnic, Salem organized 30th National Convention of Computer Engineers and a National Seminar on “DATA MINING TECHNIQUES & RECENT TRENDS” on Feb 18th and 19th 0f 2016.


The dignitaries of the convention were Sri. C.Valliappa, Chairman, Sona College of Technology,  Dr. V.Karthikeyan, Chairman IE(I), Salem Local Centre and Principal, Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Dr.V.Jayaprakash, , Principal, Sona college of technology, Dr.C.V.Koushik, Director-Academics, Sona College of Technology, Sri. Sunil Grover, Chairman, CPDB, IE(I), Er.D.Ramanathan, Chairman, IEI Tamil Nadu State Centre, Er.R.Periyasamy, IE(I), State Council Member,Er.P K Kulkarni, CPDB,IE(I) and Dr.J.Akilandeswari, Head/IT, Sona College of Technology.

Dr.Narendra Kohli, HBTI, Kanpur, Dr.NP.Gopalan, NIT Trichy, Dr.P.Shanthi Thilagam, NIT Suratkal, Dr.V.Vasanthakumari, DGM(C&IT),SAIL honored with an Eminent Engineer award. Dr.Shriram K.Vasudevan, Amrita University & Dr. Sriparna Saha, IIT Patna, Bihar received the young engineer award.

Besides the invited lectures by the eminent experts from industry, academia and research organizations, a limited number of selected technical papers were presented.

Relevance of Executive Interaction Programme in B-schools

It is not the way you think:

The admixture and proposition of Theory and Practice in the Course design of B-schools are Unique and can be contrasted well from other Arts and Sciences programme in the country. At a B-school, it is not hard and fast to have a practice session followed by a theory class, where a student can develop his skill. Many are social skills which are present inside every individuals and it needs to be sharpened. Things like internship, research projects bridges the gap between theory and practice. Currently Executive Interaction Programme is undergoing different dimension in B-schools.


Learning through others:

At B-schools a professor cannot prescribe things to be followed like a doctor does with his patient. Students love to experiment what faculty says. In this case learning through others experience is very important. The knowledge thus received acts as a guideline. Executive Interaction Programme(EIP) is one of such element which can be well woven in the pedagogical system of the B-Schools. EIP is simple where people from Industry handle lectures, case analysis, mini exercises, Group discussion, small workshops etc. As practitioners, they have an edge over faculty since they give first hand information. This is where an industry experienced faculty has an advantage. This experience is different from faculty’s research outcome. Every B-school needs to accommodate industry people inside their teaching learning process.

How to embrace this tool:

The following are important guidelines before going for Executive Interaction Programme.

  1. Ensure Industry persons’ efficacy in terms of his expertise in the topic. Faculty can manage the show because they are always strong in the theory and also they can churn stories around it. But industry people are highly practical but in his pitch alone.
  2. Map EIP to the skill sets to be developed amongst business students. In the sense the theory behind can be delivered well by a faculty before the EIP where the practitioner teaches “how to do?” not “what to do?”
  3. Educate the industry person on the topic before his session. The school can nominate a person to liaise with the speaker from industry.
  4. Case method of teaching can be promoted to the visiting resource person for EIP.
  5. The content of the EIP should surround much on current trends. Students get ideas for their research projects though these sessions.
  6. The EIP content can be mapped with the content beyond the syllabus. It sounds great if the subject faculty and industry person partner a subject. The delivery has to be mapped with the learning outcomes of different subjects.
  7. Feedback in terms of fulfillment of ETP session objective in where we can build a strong database of industry resource persons.

Kindly connect this by clarifying some of my doubts such as

  1. What are the topics or broad areas where EIP is important in a B-school?
  2. What can be the basic qualification and criteria for a resource person?
  3. To what extent EIP is useful to impart skills for an MBA student?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages in adopting EIP?
  5. Can EIP be converted to Industry people mentoring students? What is the difference?
  6. Are we misusing like it is just another lecture hour?
  7. What are the follow up “things to do” which can be institutionalized?


Sona School of Management

100 percent Placement at MCA Department, Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu

Sona Placements

Sona College of Technology has made many walks in the area of training and placement of its students. The students of Master of Computer Applications are increasingly been accepted in the Information Technology corporate sector. The placement process in general consists of written/online test, G.D, Personal Interview, personality profiling etc. Sona – MCA providing the domain knowledge, where recruiters expect students to be totally updated on current national and world developments, especially those affecting the economy and the impact of such events on the industry or business for which the recruitment is taking place. Apart from this we do the following

  1. Students enrollment for placement
  2. Placement policy formulation and communicating to enrolled students
  3. Gap identification towards employability parameters
  4. Personality Development Programmes for grooming and to develop their necessary contents
  5. Train our students in various real time technologies in all respective areas
  6. Identifying prospective employers and contacting them with appropriate means
  7. Carrying out the actual placement process (both In-campus & Out-campus interviews)

Corporate Expectations

The recruiter expects to see depth of understanding, analytical skills and originality in student responses, whether it be G.D. or Personal Interview. Needless to add that a good CGPA and proficiency in some extracurricular activity such as active club participation will be a very valuable add on for the student, which can be acquired through smart work, extensive reading, especially of financial and general news papers besides study of the course curriculum. Students can enrich their placement activities, by regularly attending the class lectures, guest lectures, workshops and seminars organized by MCA department in Sona College of Technology. Equally important is a positive attitude, willingness to learn and a sense of humility.

End Results

These effective entire placement processes makes our students to record the 100% career opportunities in our department placements.

Sona Breeze 2015 – Inter School Cultural Fest

Sona college of Technology and the Fine Arts Association of Sona College conducted an Inter school cultural fest “SONA BREEZE ’15” on December 19. The event aimed at bringing out the hidden talents of school children and to encourage the spirit of fine arts. The event was attended by 300 students from 25 schools from Salem. Events including Dance, Skit and Drawing were conducted and the top teams were awarded. Through this event, the students got an exposure to the daily happenings of the college and the facilities in it. The students who participated in the events felt that this gave them a new dimension in their cultural life. They said that this was a new experience that was different from their routine cultural competitions conducted in the schools. The best dance performance will be given an opportunity to perform on the grand event of SONATSAV, an inter college cultural fest.

An Inter School Cultural Fest

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Rainfall at Salem

Rainfall at Salem measured by rain gauge by CRRP – Research Centre for Rainfall and Radiowave Propagation of Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu, India.

Date Rainfall in mm
2.6.14 – 3.6.14 6. 2
5.6.14 – 6.6.14 0.8
21.6.14 – 22.6.14 7.0
27.6.14 – 28.6.14 4.2
28.6.14 – 30.6.14 6.7
1.7.14 – 2.7.14 1.0
4.7.14 – 5.7.14 1.4
7.7.14 – 8.7.14 1.4
20.7.14 – 21.7.14 1.1
30.7.14 – 31.7.14 0.3
4.8.14 – 5.8.14 0.4
8.8.14 – 9.8.14 7.6
11.8.14 – 12.8.14 1.1
14.8.14 – 17.8.14 9.3
19.8.14 – 24.8.14 1.4
19.8.14 – 24.8.14 1.4