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Doing Post Graduation in Computer Science and Engineering/Software Engineering at Sona

13Doing post graduate (PG) studies in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) or Software Engineering at Sona will be a rewarding experience. A carefully designed curriculum for CS and non-CS under-graduates helps the PG students to pursue the programme of their interest with enthusiasm. As an autonomous institution, Sona revises the curricula and syllabi periodically and there are members from the academia and industry in the Board of Studies whose advise help the institution in framing the syllabi to match the needs of the stakeholders.52

The ME CSE programme is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA ). Another interesting piece of information is that Sona College of Technology admits GATE scholars and provides them with stipends which will lessen the financial burden considerably.
Career change with research focus is leveraged and linked to a PG qualification in India and abroad alike. Further study is also essential for career advancement in academia. A PG degree not only widens your horizons but also adds value to your profile! Our alumni had also gone for pursuing research (PhD) at various universities and institutions including IIT Bombay. Many of them have joined academia and teaching in universities in India and abroad.647

We are sure that you will appreciate the importance of doing post graduation at Sona!

Good luck!