Holy Mother Earth

Our precious mother earth is gradually degraded day by day due to various man made activities especially environmental pollution. Usage of artificial materials and electronic wastes pollutes in great extent deteriorates the elements of nature. Over exploitation of Natural resources by the human being causes various disorders like climate change, ozone layer depletion, global warming etc. Due to these activities  uneven rainfall, abnormal heat radiation, melting of glaciers in artic regions are happening nowadays.

          Every year, Environment day, Earth day, Ozone layer Day are coming and going without any significances and benefits to the common people. In order to create awareness to the public about the value of precious nature, its elements and the need for preservation, Sona College of Technology contributing significant initiatives to the society through the various eco-friendly activities of its Students’ clubs.

Some of the salient features are,

  • Students Rally in Salem city insisting the awareness about tree planting, rainwater harvesting, controlling CO2 emission from the vehicles etc.
  • Renovating the polluted and encroached standing water bodies in the rural areas.
  • Keeping plastic free campus.
  • Transforming plastic bags to cotton cloth bags.
  • Creating awareness to the village people about the cleanliness of surrounding, body health and mental health of individuals through NSS, RRC and YRC clubs.
  • In association with the District Collector, awareness programme has been conducted in a grand manner to insist the hand wash and its benefits to the public people.

Saving of Mother Earth cannot be done with a single person, so let us join all our hands and let our holy Mother Earth for our future generations.

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