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Club Events [Oct 2019- Feb 2021]

1Logo Designing Participants were given a theme and were asked to design a logo6/10/2019
2PhotographyParticipants were given a chance to bring out their creative photography skill ou to the world11/2/2020
3PicseditzParticipants were given a chance to bring out their editing talents12/2/2020
4MarketingParticipants were given a product to market which brings awareness about the ads we are watching in our day to day life13/2/2020
5Ad-ZapParticipants were given the theme to create their own ad to promote a particular product25/1/2021
6Food ArtParticipants were given the themes to select and craft a beautiful art out of food27/1/2021
7Body ArtParticipants were given a day to bring in their thoughtful art out for the display20/2/2021


The event was conducted online through our social media platforms. The above Ad has won the competition by its creativity and innovation. We had so many submissions for the event and all of them were creative and appealing which was solely our target to achieve.

Food Art:

baby shark using watermelon

The event was conducted through our social media platforms. Our target is to bring out the artist every person has within them. This event allowed everyone to think out of the box and has made them think about how to turn wastage into art.

Body Art:

mehndi art

The event was conducted through our social media platforms. This event provided the participants to expose their artistic talents by creating body arts that are meaningful and innovative.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

Albert Einstein

As Dr Einstein said, our ability to change and evolve through time will determine our intelligence that is why we have brought up so many events to develop our innovative thinking and artistic creations out to the world.

These online events have paved the way to interact with people easier than ever. We are planning to conduct more such events in the upcoming days. Be sure to follow us to get more updates on our events.

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The Dexter’s Club of Sona


Our club is the perfect platform for testing your creative and curious mind. We conduct various entertaining and innovative events which are truly amusing while educative to our audience.


Creativity Enriched

Our main focus is to make awareness to our audience about the cutting edge technologies in an entertaining and creative manner.

Upcoming Events:

Ad-ZapPromote a product using your creativity January
Food SculptSculpture the food under the given theme and bring out your creativity January
Kutty StoryMake up a Fictional/Fantasy story that is totally unrealFebruary
Practical MarketingBring out your effective methods of selling a product with the given constraintsFebruary
Face PaintingShow off your painting talents and expose your thoughts to the worldFebruary
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We welcome everyone who is willing to gain experience in creating something new and creative or those who are eager to figure out the creative person in them.
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