Network and computing

R & D - Network and Computing (SonaNET)


Sponsored Projects

S.No Project Name of Industry/Agency Faculty Period
1. Women Technology Park – WTP DST Dr.M.Usha
2. Agri BPO DST Dr.M.Usha
3. Securing Wireless IP networks against DDoS attacks AICTE RPS Dr .M. Usha 
Prof. D. Balamurugan
2010 -2012
4. Smart Evaluation system IIT-B sponsored Dr.M. Usha, 
Dr.J. Akilandeswari,
Mr.J. Dhayanithi, 
Mr.M. Saranraj
5. Modernizations of Multimedia RDBMS & Internet Programming Laboratories Sona College of Technology, Salem Prof.M.Usha 2007-2009
6. Computer Integrated Neuro Surgical Tool Academic Prof.M.Usha 2003
7. A new scheduler for Linux Academic Prof.M. Usha 
Prof. J. Akilandeswari 
Mr.C. Semmalai
8. Medical data Mining Academic Prof. M. Usha 
Prof. B. Sathiyabhama 
Prof. J. Akilandeswari 
Mr. S. Saravanan
2006 – 2008
9. Biological Sequence Analysis Academic Prof .M. Usha 
Prof. B. Sathiyabhama
2006 -2007

Consultancy Project

S.No Name of the Project Client Faculty members involved Academic year


Design, Development and Maintenance of the web portal of Jindal South West (JSW) Salem works Jindal South West (JSW), Salem works. Prof. M. Usha, Professor/CSE 
Prof. J. Akilandeswari, Professor/CSE 
Mr. J. Dhayanithi, Lecture/CSE


Subject Expert for reviewing the Patent on Overhead message and channel hashing method using the same” for LG Electronics, Indian Patent application - Prof. M. Usha, Professor/CSE  2009-10


Study on Traffic survey using wireless sensor networks Mukesh and associates, Salem Prof. M. Usha, Professor/CSE  2011-12


Computer assisted neurosurgical tool Mohan kumaramangalam medical college, Salem Prof. M. Usha, rofessor/CSE 
Mr. S. Jaikanthan, Research Asst./CSE 
Mr. S. Anand, Research Asst./CSE 
Mr. K. Parthiban, Research Asst./CSE


Inventory system for management Anaga garments Prof. M. Usha, Professor/CSE 
Mr. S. Jaikanthan, Research Asst./CSE


Website for resume posting HR Dept. SCT Prof. M. Usha 2006-07


Bio-medical modeling Dr. P. Palaniappan, Neurosurgeon Prof. M. Usha, Professor/CSE 
Prof. B. Sathiyabhama, AP/CSE 
Prof. J. Akilandeswari, AP/CSE 
Mr. S. Saravanan, Lecture./CSE

 Ongoing Research Project

  • An efficient key Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Routing Protocol for Low Power Lossy Networks for Internet of Things
  • Node Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • An efficient encoding technique for multi-view images in wireless multimedia sensor Networks.
  • Intrusion detection system using data mining technique  

  Academic Research Projects

  •  A novel Use Case for Mobile Crowdsourcing:Toll Plaza Optimization
  • Efficient clustering algorithm for reducing traffic and improving energy efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Priority-Based Forward Error Correction Mechanism for Multimedia Transmission over Wireless LANs
  • Analysis of Key Management Schemes for Secure Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Vehicle Identification System in Wireless Multimedia Sensor networks
  • Enhanced routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc sensor networks
  • Structural Health Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Two-tier architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • FIFO_VQ Scheduler for Grid sim v 4.1
  • Analysis of Active Queue Management Algorithms for wireless AdHoc Networks 
  • Quality of Service support in Internet routers for distributed multimedia applications


  • TIINO Research Lab,Coimbatore.