robotics and non linear dynamics

Centre for Robotics and Nonlinear Dynamics (CRND)

Centre Head: Dr. M.Thangavel Ph.D (IITB)

Members :

Mr.Vinny Daniel David
Mr. A.R. Venkataramanan
Mr. Sudarsan


Robots play a major role in industrial automation, nuclear system maintenance, defense applications, under water exploration, space exploration, surgery, agriculture and in domestic activities. Our centre concentrates on the design and analysis of robots useful for some of the above applications.

Secondly, all the real world problems are nonlinear and hence, knowledge in nonlinear tools is needed for their design and analysis. To mention a few, to understand robot dynamics and control, instrument design, inter-atomic collision in nuclear reactors, textile machinery design, design and analysis of semiconductors, weather forecasting, to develop medical diaganostic backage and to study machinery/structural vibration knowledge in nonlinear dynamics is needed. Our research centre concentrates on the design and development of experiments and tools to investigate the nonlinear phenomena associated with real world problems.


Projects under progress

Ph.D. -12
M.E. - 11
B.E. - 11

Patent Application Under Preparation

Project Carried out

Design, Kinematics & Dynamics of Robotic Manipulator (VSSC, Trivandrum)

A word of motivation...

"If your state is not interested in your technology then work for the country
If your country is not interested in your technology then work for the world
If the world is also not interested in your technology then work for your own satisfcation
Because, there is a thrill in pursuing science and technology"    - Dr.M.Thangavel.


Dean (Research),
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,
Sona College of Technology, Salem.
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