Motor Olympics

24th March 2017

SonaSPEED organizes a 2 day workshop on MOTOR DESIGN on 22nd & 23rd March 2017.

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Prof. V.M.Periyasamy, EEE
+91 9843334351 / 0427 4099 724

Prof. P. Selvakumar, EEE
+91 9994389129 / 0427 4099 724


  • Batch size – 4 students(max)
  • Innovative idea for making the rotational motion with the given components is highly appreciated.
  • Tools and material required for making the motor can be chosen by team members.
  • Total duration of event: 120 minutes.
  • Motor designed for high speed of operation will be valued much.
  • Selection is based on completion, novelty, simple in construction.
  • Completed motor to be handed over for evaluation and judging.
  • Each participant will get a certificate endorsed by ISRO Scientist.


motor 2

motor 4read switch

Materials Provided:


i) Two meters of copper wire (25SWG, diameter of wire = 0.65mm)
ii) 2 nos of rare earth magnets (52MGOe), Magnet Size: 20mm X 10mm X 2mm
iii) Power supply (0-30V, 2A) – 1 No

I prize         3000 INR
II Prize        2000 INR                     


i) Four meters of copper wire(27SWG, diameter of wire= 0.35mm),
ii) 4 Nos of rare earth magnets(52MGOe), Magnet Size : Ф10mm X 2mm
iii) Reed switch (for magnet sensing)(rating: 100VDC,1.5A)
iv) Power supply (0-30V, 2A) – 1No


I prize         3000 INR
II Prize        2000 INR