SOLAR INSECT TRAPPER – An Innovation of Pest Control

SOLAR INSECT TRAPPER is a solar energy-based insect trapper can trap many pests and helps farmer to cultivate more quality and quantity of crops since farmers faces the problems of various types of pests that harm crops right from sowing till the crop harvested. This project uses UV LEDs were safer than using ordinary fluorescent lamps. Moreover India is a tropical country, solar power is readily available and also it requires less maintenance. The device seems promising to farmers since it has been capturing adults of many pest, borers, and flies thereby reducing the dependence on bio pesticide usage to the tune of 50% .

9 thoughts on “SOLAR INSECT TRAPPER – An Innovation of Pest Control

  1. Raj Sharma

    I must say this is an amazing guide for all. To keep you safe and healthy, pest controlling is must. Thanks a lot for introducing this amazing technology with us for pest control. Very detailed information and easy to understand. It was much needed for me. Thank you for this share!

    1. admin Post author

      UV led with different frequency… range from 600nm to 1200nm… Will attract the insect near the light and having electric fence will kill the insects and dropped in the water placed under the leds…


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