Mr E.Chandra Kumar and Mr S.Hari Prasadh of final year EEE participated in “INDIA INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL (IISF) 2018” held at LUCKNOW, UTTAR PRADESH for the project “INTELLIGENT EYE FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS”. IISF is jointly organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Department of Bio-Technology, Vijnana Bharati and National Institute of Immunology.

There are approximately 39 million people in the world, who are visually impaired according to World Health Organization, 2017. Majority of them are using conventional white cane as aid for moving from one place to another.  The major drawback in using the white cane is that the information is obtained by touching the obstacle using the cane.  To overcome this drawback, a cane with ultrasonic sensors to detect all kinds of obstacle irrespective of its shape and height has been designed. Hence it detects the obstacle and informs them with a voice command.

People who are visually impaired come across major problem in operating electronic devices. Hence this cane has been designed with wireless technology, such that the stick can be easily accessible, detect the obstacle in their path and inform them with voice instructions.

The main advantages of the project are,

  • To reduce the inferiority complex of the visually impaired persons.
  • Portable device and user friendly.
  • This device is battery operated, has a longer life and less maintenance.
  • Tracking and monitoring the blind people made easy.

Out of 2200 projects submitted in the IISF 2018, this project has been selected in top 100 and called for presentation at Lucknow. Along with them two more project members G. Dhamotharan and K.Abirami have supported for the completion of the project and also with the guidance from the project mentor Mrs.C.Santhana Lakshmi, with the support of faculties, continuous encouragement from HOD/EEE, motivation from the Principal and great support from Management.

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