Sona students parade at India’s 71st Republic day 2020

Sona college students from salem, Tamilnadu paraded along with Indian military, Navy, Air force and other Para-military forces at Rajpath New Delhi.

They selected Sona college students were selected in the among lakhs of student-volunteers with the competition for places being so tough.

Two of the NCC students of Sona college of technology ( Top Engineering College in Tamilnadu ), salem, Miss. S. Kavya and Miss.K. J.Sangeetha sri had participated in 71st National Republic Day celebration 2020 held at India Gate to Rajpath in New Delhi. They were selected keeping in view their overall performance for the parade, cultural activities, proficiency to participate in the debate on different social issues, and ability to depict the culture of their state.

They were a part of the prime minister’s rally on Jan 28th 2020,held at Cariappa Parade Ground. They stayed in DG NCC camp site for a month. They got a chance to meet General Manoj Mukund Naravane (COAS), Admiral Karambir Singh (CNS),Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria (CAS),Chief minister of Delhi Mr.Arvind Kejriwal and many more dignitaries there. They witnessed Army day parade on Jan 15 at Cariappa Parade Ground. It was an awesome experience being there for them, representing the state. It was a brand new experience withstanding the cold, having full rehearsals with other directores, bands and the horses. The camp made them feel the unity pervailent in our nation and the competitive nature they had to win. They witnessed the enthralling experience of  national glory depiction, where a large crowd was treated to a spectacular parade featuring marching contingents, cultural tableaus, amazing precision flying sequences, dare-devil motorcycle riding by women constables of CRPF and more. It was added with marvellous display of India’s military might, cultural diversity, social and economic progress.

They also had chances to visit the  President’s and Prime minister’s home. They were a part of the prime minister’s rally on Jan 28th 2020, held at Cariappa Parade Ground. They marched and saluted our Prime Minister Narendra Modi with dignity. They got chances to celebrate festivals with other directores which increased the level of bonding. Feeling proud on being selected and marched in 71st Republic Day.

Sona students at Australia for Foreign technical training program

One step door to attain excellence at SONA is brought to light through the summer immersion program opportunity at Australia seized by our students. In this light, sona college, being best engineering college, is one in thousand in the entire nation to be bestowed the opportunity recognizing the talent of our students.

The fame is conferred by our own students Avinash Ram, B.Tech., IT 4th year, and Hari Hara Sudhan, B.E., EEE 3rd year. This Foreign technical training program on BushFire Precautions and Resource Allocation Using AI and IoT, and Automated Irrigation System is provided by SwinburneUniversity, Australia during December 2019.

Swinburne University officials at Sona

Professor Ajay Kapoor, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Research Engagement & Development), Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Vijay Subramanian, Swinburne University Research visited Sona on 2nd January 2020 to strengthen the ties between the two institutions Swinburne and Sona

  • To collaborate in offering programs related to nourishment of teaching-learning process at Sona
  • To pursue joint research projects and to promote faculty and student exchange programs
  • To organize and conduct joint conference, seminars, workshops, short-term courses and meetings
  • To organize outreach programme in the frontier research areas and joint publications

An Aesthetically Evergreen Pleasing Environment on Terrace Garden at Sona premises

  • A lush greenery plants with blossom bringing solace to the eyes and enhancing the carbon footprint at the GREEN BUILDING of Sona Campus
  • An entirely GREEN FOLIAGE on the   Rooftop/Terrace  of SONA CAMPUS at Zero to minimal Water management technique and reduced maintenance
  • Yet another step to increase the coolness of the building and environment is made at SONA   with minimal maintenance, reduced volume of irrigation, zero damage to the rooftop only with a look and feel of greenery amongst the scholastic buildings

Best Engineering colleges in salem, Tamilnadu

I saw a pretty girl, obviously a visitor to SONA, awestruck and standing like a statue. She remained so until I approached her and asked, “What do you see?” Words came from her like a downpour:

I see the tall and broad trees. I see the green lawns and beautiful pavements

I see the gardens carved out aesthetically. I see the distant hills garlanding SONA

I see the majestic entrance of a poetic grandeur. I see grace and gaiety all around

I see Professors lecturing in a sonorous voice. I see words of wisdom written all around.

I see impressive paintings that inspire. I see the library with knowledge at your fingertips.

I see the laboratories with intense activity. I see spacious lecture Halls congenial for learning.

I see the SONA Auditorium reverberating with a lecture. I see lilting music arriving from SONARIA

I see the sports ground with athletes all around. I see the Hostels homely and hospitable

I see the sparkling swimmingpool. I see Peace in the Meditation Hall

I see intense thinkers surpassing Plato and Aristotle. I see vigorous people in action

I see students browsing the Internet with concentration.

I see devoted researchers applying for Patents

I see the happy faces of students placed distributing sweets. I see students eager to join SONA.

I see a tender breeze touching my cheeks.

I see, I see. I see many more magnificent things. The best of them all is:

I see the Pride of being at SONA in all!