SONA NPTEL Local chapter has bagged “AA” rating based on the best performance of our college students and faculties in July – December 2017 run of NPTEL Online Certification examinations.  The performance of SONA NPTEL Local Chapter is tabulated as follows

Present Gold Elite Successful Participation Topper
200 3 113 74 10 10

Our management has congratulated Dr.J.Senthilkumar,Prof/IT (SPoC – SONA NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER) for his contribution in motivating the students and faculties to appear for examinations of NPTEL courses. Due to his efforts, our college has bagged “AA” rating for the past 3 runs of NPTEL Examinations. Also, Dr.J.Senthilkumar, Prof/IT has been awarded “Best SPoC” by NPTEL for promoting NPTEL courses in the college.

Our management has appreciated the top performers (GOLD or ELITE + TOPPERS) SPoC and NPTEL department coordinators of our college and issued a NPTEL certificate to individual achiever on March 16th, 2018. The details of top performers is tabulated as follows Name Designation / Department Course Name Certificate Type
1 Dr.J AKILANDESWARI Professor & HOD / IT Fundamentals of Database Systems Elite + Topper
2 Dr. SATHIYAMOORTHI V ASP / CSE Fundamentals of Database Systems Elite + Topper
3 ARIVOLI M AP/CIVIL Outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching Elite + Topper
4 NADHIRA KC III YEAR/CSE Programming, data structures and algorithms using python Gold + Topper
5 GOWTHAMSRINIVASAN.S III YEAR /CIVIL Reinforced Concrete Road Bridges Gold + Topper
6 RENUGA M Professor & HOD / English Technical english for engineers Elite + Topper
7 M ARUMUGAM MAHARAJA III YEAR/CIVIL Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City Gold + Topper
8 Dr. S.VASANTHI ASP / IT Computer Organization and Architecture Elite + Topper
9 V.PADMASARANYA III YEAR/ECE Analog communication Elite
10 NISHAR ALI III  YEAR/MECH Applied Ergonomics Elite + Topper

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